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ants to wi〓n through com●petition instead○ of blocking ou●t advanced technolo●gies, its dee〓ds do not m○atch its word■s. The U.S. h●as been using the● concept of &l●dquo;natio◆nal security&rdqu■o; as a

tool to○ promote trade〓 protectio○nism, and has t●aken various mea〓sures, including〓 political kidnappi■ng, to curb Huawei&●rsquo;s acces●s to 5G network ■constructi■on across the wor■ld.However, its l

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○atest moves not ■only won&rsquo〓;t make Ameri○ca safer or str◆onger, but have in●stead harmed◆ Huawei&rsquo●;s American partners○, resulting in■ huge job losses and■ undermining the ○global supply〓 ch

ain. Sha●res of some● of Huawei&rs○quo;s partners■, such as Qualcom〓m and Xilinx, fell 〓sharply afte●r the U.S. r○estrictions ◆were announce○d. Leaders from Euro●pean countries, in●cluding French Pre○s


ident Emman◆uel Macron and Germ●an Chancellor Angela■ Merkel, have made 〓it clear tha●t they will not ◆blindly follow the ●U.S. steps to blo○ck Huawei. These ■are clear signs of■ public ou■trage against

〓the U.S. arb■itrary move○s to crush c●ompetitors th○rough the abuse o◆f national pow◆er.Huawei d○eserves a thumbs-u◆p for having● foreseen those p●otential &lsquo●;strangling’ ●measures over a d


●ecade ago and ■been preparin◆g for just such a wo●rst-case scenario. ■The launch of back○up plans demon●strates th●e company’s○ vigilant stanc■e against potenti○al dangers, as wel■l as its resol◆ve and tenacit●y to overcome ●difficulti■es and challenges.○Such a spi●rit is not onl●y typical of Chin〓ese enterpri■ses, but also● of the Chinese n●ation. Sin●ce it was fo〓unded 70 years◆ ago, the Peo●ple’s Re●public of China has● handled a se○ries of combat and ●suppression t●hreats from the o●utside world. T○he country succ■essfully produced ○atom and h●ydrogen bombs and a● satellite on its ow■n to cope ■with nuclear b■lackmail, and over■came difficulties to◆ produce its homeg●rown microchips i〓n the face of a ●technological blo〓ckade. Gui●ded by the prin〓ciple of &l〓dquo;hope for the ○best and prepar●e for the ○worst”●, China and its● people ha●ve turned a ■series of dange●rs into ad○vantage.China is no○w closer to and mo◆re confident● and capab●le than ever be○fore of making the◆ goal of na■tional rejuven●ation a reali●ty. It also kn◆ows that ach◆ieving that 〓go

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